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Keryflex Nail Restoration System

Keryflex is a flexible artificial nail that can restore the appearance of unsightly toenails that have been damaged by a fungal infection, dancing, sports, running, hiking, or other traumatic injury. It enhances the appearance, shape, length, colour, and shine of the nails. Although nail polish and nail polish remover can damage your natural nails, nail polish can be applied to Keryflex nails and it’s safe to use nail polish remover without damaging the Keryflex. 


A typical Keryflex schedule during the summer months consists of the first treatment in the spring when sandal season starts, a two week follow up to file the rough edges, and subsequent 6-8 week follow ups for filling and/or removing and reapplying the Keryflex. The Keryflex kit is purchased at the first visit and a new kit is used for each individual client; the kit must be brought with you for your next visits for refills. Keryflex can also be applied for vacations and other special occasions such as weddings etc.


If you currently have a fungal infection, it can not be treated while Keryflex is applied to the nail and the fungal infection may get worse during a period of no treatment. A portion of the natural nail needs to be present to apply the Keryflex; if the nail has been completely removed or if not enough of the natural nail is present the Keryflex will not adhere. Not everyone is a candidate for Keryflex, talk to your Chiropodist or Nurse to see if this treatment option is right for you.

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