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Wet Feet


Warts on the foot can be extremely difficult to treat (especially if they have been there fore a while), this is believed to be due to the fact that we have an extra layer of skin on the soles of our feet (Stratum Lucidium). Often overlying Callus (hyperkeratosis) also forms. This overlying callus causes more pain and may make the host more susceptible to the virus. Treatment may take weeks or months to complete.

At the Tri-city Foot Clinic we now offer laser wart treatment, available after a quick assessment/consultation!

Laser Wart treatment includes the non-selective destruction of the epidermis, cauterizing tiny blood cells resulting in the absence of blood flow to the affected tissue. Eventually the affected tissue without blood will fall off. This can usually be achieved in a single to very few treatments making it one of the quickest and most efficient treatments against plantar warts.

It is especially effective against those difficult warts that seem to never go away. Laser wart treatment can be done with or without the use of local anesthetic for patient comfort. Please contact us if you require any further information including costs.

At our clinics we may accompany treatment with an application of prescription medication, salicylic acid, injection with medication, needling, freezing, surgical excision or laser treatment. Each treatment plan will be tailored specifically to each patient.

Without treatment, you may be surprised to learn that some warts can simply go away. However, it is more common to see the wart become increasingly painful, spread to surrounding tissue or appear to grow. When warts are left untreated, it can hinder our ability to walk or run due to the influx of pain during weight bearing (standing).

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