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Wet Feet


There are many surgical options for warts of the foot (verruca pedis). One procedure is to do an excision.  The procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The wart tissue is cut/excised using minimally invasive instruments. The procedure does not usually cause scaring as the procedure does not go below the epidermis. This is extremely important as scaring on the plantar (bottom) aspect of the foot usually leads to callus formation.

Another procedure used for wart treatment is called needling. This is again done under local anaesthetic. The tissue is needled with a surgical sterile needle. The needling causes the viral tissue to become exposed. The body then provides its natural immune response to remove the virus. Needling is a unique procedure because if a patient has multiple warts on both feet, only needling of one wart is required to kick-start the immune response and remove all warts.

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