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Often with an acute injury such as an ankle sprain, we want to prevent further damage to the damaged tissue. We, therefore, supply temporary bracing to support the damaged tissue. These supports are deemed temporary because once the tissue has healed we want to strengthen it and surround ligaments/muscles to prevent recurrence. Some examples of bracing at our clinics include:


  • ankle sleeves (for ankle instability/sprains)

  • post-surgery shoes 

  • Strasburg sock (plantar fasciitis)

  • plantar fasciitis socks.

We also have an assortment of sports taping so taping can be done when needed. (We will educate you on proper taping techniques so that you have the option of doing taping yourself).

Key Benefits of Ankle Braces and Supports:

  • Stability Enhancement: Ankle braces provide additional support to the ankle joint, reducing the risk of sprains and twists, especially during physical activities or sports.

  • Injury Prevention: Wearing an ankle brace can be a proactive measure to prevent injuries, particularly for individuals with a history of ankle problems or those engaging in activities with a higher risk of ankle injuries.

  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation: Ankle supports aid in the recovery process after ankle injuries, offering stability and protection during the healing phase.

  • Reduced Swelling: Compression provided by ankle braces can help minimize swelling, promoting a faster recovery and reducing discomfort.

  • Improved Performance: Athletes can benefit from increased confidence and enhanced performance when wearing ankle braces, as they provide the necessary support for dynamic movements.

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