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In early development, our are rapidly growing. In fact, not all bones are formed at birth. Skeletal (bone) maturity does not occur until approximately 13-15 years. Gait (walking) is constantly developing, and we do not reach a heel-to-toe gait until approximately the age of 3. (A heel-to-toe gait is considered the normal pattern of gait).  Many paediatric conditions differ from elderly conditions. Younger population's are more prone to plantars warts, ingrown toenails, foot trauma and biomechanical faults.

We can provide the corrective measures as soon as the problems arise. This will be done after a thorough gait and biomechanical analysis. If deemed necessary, a treatment plan will be put into place. REMEMBER – our children’s feet are still developing therefore, the foot may not need treatment at all. We suggest seeing a Chiropodist yearly to ensure proper foot progression through these critical early years. 

Without Treatment
Without treatment our children’s feet can become problematic. For kids, feet are considered fat, flat and floppy until the age of 3. However, overly flat feet or feet that severely in-toe/out-toe may need corrective measures. Without the proper correction, there may be permanent gait disturbances for the remainder of the individual's life. A wart that is left untreated may develop further. An ingrown toenail can become infected, and it may reoccur. It is easier to perform required surgery on a patient that is young, healthy, and will recover easily than a patient that is old and frail.
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