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Thick toenails occur for a number of reasons. For instance; permanent damage due to nail plate trauma, a previous infection, fungal infection or a systemic condition. Most commonly a nail plate will thicken due to trauma.

If the thick toenail is permanently damaged we can treat your nail by filing it with specialized instruments.  This helps decrease the pressure and it appears to look like a normal nail. In severe cases, surgery may be required – this would be a permanent removal of the nail plate. If an infection is present, the proper prescription medication will be supplied to rid you of the infection.
Without Treatment
A neglected thick toenail can cause extreme discomfort/pain as the nail rubs on the top or end of the shoe. This can cause additional pain to the nail bed (underneath the nail plate). Often if the thick toenail is not filed the nail bed may open and an ulcer can form. A thick toenail also increases your risk of infection and further damage to the nail/toe.
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