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Often, as we age it becomes more and more difficult to care for our feet. There can be several contributing factors such as arthritis, patient immobility, diabetes, thick/damaged toenails, etc. When these medical conditions are combined with other systemic illnesses, elderly nail care is a great concern. Often we see delayed healing, loss of blood circulation, and many dermatological (skin and nail) problems.

At Tri-City Foot Clinic the Chiropodist/Foot Specialist is able to accurately diagnose and treat all conditions of the feet. Once an issue is determined, the Chiropodist has all of the required instrumentation to begin treatment. In dealing with a medical service, all patients will be treated in a sterile environment to assures any condition/issue will resolve.

Without Treatment
Without treatment the feet become neglected due to the inability to care for the foot. Neglected feet are problematic. Increase in nail conditions/length may lead to ingrown toenails, pain, infection of the nail plate, skin infection or even ulceration. Delay in hyperkeratosis (callus) debridement can result in pain, ulceration, and lack of patient mobility. Delay in treatment of inflammation can lead to arthritis and further foot deformity.
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