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Chiropodist and Podiatrist are the ONLY regulated health professionals whose scope of practice allows for the prescription and provision of orthotics.  With 7-8 years of education Chiropodist and Podiatrist are experts in the use and manufacturing of orthotics. For this reason many insurance companies require that orthotics be dispensed and prescribed by a Chiropodist/Podiatrist.

Orthotics are required to deal with biomechanical and gait faults. Many different foot and lower limb conditions benefit from the use of orthotics. Each person’s foot is unique, for this reason custom foot orthotics are the only foot orthotics considered medical equipment.  Tri-City Foot Clinic molds each orthotic to your foot through three dimensional casting methods. Unlike arch supports which can be purchased “over-the-counter” a custom foot orthotic moves with the foot with every step taken. Orthotics affect the entire musculoskeletal system and provide the necessary corrections for an effective gait pattern. Orthotics can also protect the tender areas of your foot from the wear and tear of constant use. 


Orthotics, which can come custom or pre-fabricated are also referred to as orthoses, arch supports or inserts. The device is used to allow people to walk, stand or run more efficiently, effectively and comfortably. Your practitioner may prescribe one for you after a thorough biomechanical and gait analysis.

A custom orthotic will differ from patient to patient, as no two feet are the same. Orthotics will differ in size, material and shape all depending on the prescription and recommendation from your provider. There are two broad categories of orthotics, they are: functional orthotics, and accommodative orthotics.

Functional orthotics act to functionally alter the biomechanical problems.

Accommodative orthotics accommodate a structural or biomechanical problem.

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