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Your feet, the foundation of your mobility, are susceptible to wounds and injuries that can impact your overall well-being. Foot wounds can arise from various sources, including cuts, punctures, ulcers, or injuries, and they require careful attention to ensure proper healing. Neglecting foot wounds can lead to infections, complications, and prolonged discomfort, emphasizing the need for comprehensive wound care.

Professional Foot Wound Care:
While self-care measures are essential, seeking professional assistance is crucial for certain foot wounds, especially if you have diabetes or compromised circulation. Our podiatrist can provide:

  • Wound Assessment: A thorough examination to assess the severity and nature of the wound, identifying any underlying issues.

  • Debridement: Removal of dead or infected tissue to facilitate proper healing.

  • Infection Management: If an infection is present, our podiatrist may prescribe antibiotics to address it promptly.

  • Offloading Techniques: Recommendations for reducing pressure on the wound to promote healing.

  • Customized Treatment Plans: Tailored plans based on the specific characteristics of your wound and overall health.

The Chiropodist at Tri-City Foot Clinic will be able to determine the cause of the ulcer. The Chiropodist will provide the necessary dressing changes and debridement of necrotic/unviable tissue. They will also properly redistribute pressure. Often a multidisciplinary approach is used the healing of wounds including involvement from: The Chiropodist, Family Doctor, Nurse and Personal Support Workers. The Chiropodist will work alongside any other persons involved in a patient’s treatment plan of a wound – to make sure you are receiving the best treatment.
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